Snark SN6X Ukulele Tuner

Snark SN6X Ukulele Tuner

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Snark Clip On Electronic Ukulele Tuner

An essential bit of kit for every newbie ukulele player. Easy to use and keeps your uke in tune 24/7. The Snark ukulele tuner clips on to the headstock of your ukulele and picks up the vibrations of the strings, so even if there is a lot of background noise it won't affect your tuning. Perfect for a noisy evening ukulele session or in a live performance setting!

The latest word in electronic clip on chromatic Ukulele tuners, the Snark has a full colour display, fast and accurate tuning and a 'stay put' clip that allows the display head to rotate through 360 degrees. A stylish design, easy to use and tight tuning!

Features frequency range tailored to ukuleles and can be used on front or back of headstock (accommodates left and right handed players).

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