Kinsman Foldable Desktop Music Stand
Kinsman Foldable Desktop Music Stand
Kinsman Foldable Desktop Music Stand

Kinsman Foldable Desktop Music Stand

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Kinsman Foldable Desktop Music Stand

School of Uke recommends

A well designed foldable table-top music stand to encourage you to practice and play ukulele more at home, and to bring along to ukulele jams and lessons. An essential bit of kit that folds away neatly (22cm x 4cm x 6cm) to the size of a mini-umbrella. Never leave home without it! (Umbrella not included).

The Kinsman stand-alone desk-top music stand is the perfect choice when a conventional model with a tripod bas. is not required. Built from high quality materials this handy lightweight and yet robust desk top stand collapses in seconds to fit in bags or rucksacks for easy transportation.

With music sheet page holders and an adjustable lean-back bracket with rubber feet to protect surfaces, this highly portable music stand is ideal for use on pianos, shelves or desks, for home rehearsing, schools or orchestras.

Like all products within the vast range of Kinsman musical accessory products, the Standard Desktop Music Stand excels within functionality, durability, reliability and innovative design, whilst providing exceptional value for money.


  • Lightweight, robust design in black. 
  • Adjustable lean-back bracket with rubber feet.
  • Conveniently folds up for easy storage & portability.
  • Folded measurements 22cm x 4cm x 6cm.
  • Weight 400g.

What if I've never played a musical instrument before?

We absolutely welcome complete beginners, and people who have never touched a musical instrument in their lives. Come along with an open mind and we'll do the rest!

When do your group lessons take place?

All our group lessons take place on weekday evenings from 7pm. And occasionally we will host workshops and jam sessions on weekend afternoons.

Where do the group lessons take place?

We love to run our lessons in pubs, which we feel adds to the social and relaxed vibe.

All our pubs are hand-picked for their special qualities, and just 5-10mins walk to central London TFL Stations. We work with a number of partner venues in London Central and City Central, including Soho, Covent Garden, Shoreditch, Clerkenwell, Tower Bridge, Aldgate, Bethnal Green and Bermondsey.

And during the Summer months, weather permitting, we host our evenings at pubs with outdoor facilities to make the most of the sunshine and summer nights.

Is the ukulele a children's instrument?

The ukulele is a very versatile instrument that comes in many different sizes. While it is taught as an elementary instrument in some schools, it most definitely is not a kids instrument. It's the native instrument of Hawaii and is hugely popular with adults due its portable size and playability.

Are these sessions for adults or for kids?

All our evening classes are for adults 18+.

What if I don't have a ukulele?

All instruments are provided at our Discover sessions so all you need to bring is your best self!

For our beginner sessions, you can borrow a ukulele for the first lesson, but we recommend that you purchase an instrument as soon as possible to make the most out of your learning experience.

How many people are in each class?

There are 20 places available in each of our group classes and Discover sessions. Sometimes they sell out completely, but we usually run with about 15-20 people.

Are the sessions wheelchair accessible?

Unless otherwise stated in the venue description, sadly our sessions are not wheelchair accessible. They usually take place in pub function rooms, which are often only accessible by staircases. 

Is it ok to drink alcohol in the session?

Absolutely. We encourage people to grab a drink at the bar before the session and during the mid-lesson break.

It's a fun and lighthearted vibe, and a bit of dutch courage never goes amiss. Our partner pubs & venues all offer a good range of beers, wine, spirits and simple cocktails like Negroni, Aperol  Spritz etc. 

What time should I arrive?

It's great if you can arrive 10-15mins early to grab a drink, meet your tutor/s and get settled in. 

Is it ok to hang out after the session?

Absolutely, we want to create a community of friends so we encourage people to hang out for drinks after our weekday evening classes. Our lessons are about social connection, music appreciation and learning to play as part of a group so they are as much social events as anything else. 

What kind of music can you play on the ukulele?

Absolutely anything! Anything you can play on a piano or guitar, you can also play on a ukulele. It's just half the size and easier to play.

The ukulele is a great instrument to get started on and also a stepping stone to all other stringed instruments. And it's nice and compact so you can take it anywhere. Rock, Pop and R&B bangers at your fingertips!

What are the health benefits of learning to play the ukulele?

Learning to play music, especially socially, has many health and well-being benefits. As well as brain development, when you make music, your brain releases endorphins that induce feelings of joy and pleasure and block the nerve cells that cause us to feel stress and pain. There is evidence to suggest that it even boosts your immunity!

What other events and services does School of Uke offer?

We offer a range of ukulele lessons & events for complete beginners to advanced players, both online and in-person. As well as group based lessons, we offer one-to-one ukulele lessons, our 5wk Ukulele Challenge For Beginners,10wk Evening Courses, plus package events for private & corporate clients. 

How long has the School of Uke been established? 

School of Uke is a sister brand of Duke of Uke, London's World Famous Ukulele Store. The School of Uke name and company was formed in 2012, but we've been teaching ukulele for 18 years, since we first opened our doors back in 2006, as the UK's first ever dedicated Ukulele store.

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For all enquiries about ukulele lessons or courses at School of Uke please email or use our Online Live Chat service.


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Onto my second course with School of Uke now! 🎉 Amazing fun, brilliant teaching, awesome people!! I will be back for more! 😁

Avital Kaye

I’ve done 3 classes over the last few years, and it’s always a blast. Playing as a group is very different to playing on your own, and whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, you’ll be shown new ways to play and new styles of music. You’ll learn loads, and most importantly you’ll meet great people!

Dan Stewart

Great teaching and so much fun! Enjoyed every minute while also felt challenged-everyone should learn to play an instrument.

Edina Imrik

Classes at the Duke of Uke are great fun and each term is different so that your ukulele technique improves while you learn about different musical genres. The teaching is superb, and there’s a real sense of community as you get to know your class and play at end of term concerts. Highly recommended!

Ben Campkin

I am now in my second year of classes at the school of Uke. I absolutely love it. I arrived as a complete beginner, not being able to play a note and now a year later I am a complete addict.

Karen Neill

The atmosphere was incredible, fun, inclusive and comfortable, all allowing us to learn in a relaxed but structured way. Instructors are great, patient, kind, knowledgeable, guiding us through each step with enthusiasm, patience and good humour.

Catherine Young

It’s been utterly magnificent getting to spend Tuesday evenings for the past 10 weeks, learning a new skill playing alongside this superb set of humans.

Expect smiles, laughs, fun songs you want to learn and your new found favourite hobby all rolled into one!

Ruby isla Cera Marle

I have to say they're brilliant. The tutors are talented and professional musicians so if you want to learn/improve your ukulele and musicianship in a group setting look no further - you're guaranteed a good vibe and you'll meet some really lovely new people too!

Mary Almond

This is such a supportive way to learn to play a musical instrument - supported by both the tutors and my fellow students; the perfect balance of challenge, learning and friendship.

Author name

Simon Purins