Ukulele Lesson with Miya - Indie, Latin, Soul. Adults 18yrs+
Ukulele Lesson with Miya - Indie, Latin, Soul. Adults 18yrs+

Ukulele Lesson with Miya - Indie, Latin, Soul. Adults 18yrs+

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Ukulele Lesson with Miya Gaia

“I always wanted to play an instrument growing up but none of them ever stuck until I found the ukulele. It’s a great instrument for entering the world of music and the perfect size for taking anywhere to get that extra practice!” - Miya


50 minutes

Teaching Level



Miya teaches adults 18+

What to expect?

Expect fun filled and focused lessons exploring and learning new skills.

Styles & Genres

I’m inspired by a range of genres and music from all over the world which influence my own sound as a musician and singer songwriter. Psychedelic rock and folk, garage rock, Bossa nova, classical and jazz all find their way into my teaching.
I especially like songs from the 50s and 60s which sound great on the ukulele! I can teach you fingerpicking to embellish chords, strumming patterns and melodies and different approaches to using your voice, and playing the ukulele to accompany your singing.

Favourite Songs to Teach

Sunday Morning - Velvet Underground, Nico 

Egyptian Reggae - Jonathan Richman 

Atomic Bomb - William Onyeabor

Something - The Beatles 

Down To The River To Pray - Traditional


Hello, I'm Miya and I am a visual artist and a musician! I initially started playing the ukulele to learn a new skill, and eventually that progressed to writing my own songs. Now I play and sing in two live bands where I’ve gained performance experience that I bring to my teaching. I also dabble in the guitar and drums when the opportunities arise.

The thing I enjoy most about teaching the ukulele is seeing the progression of my students as they build up their musical knowledge. I love to explore and try new things as all my practices inform each other, even painting - so I hope I can inspire you too! 

For all enquiries about ukulele lessons or courses at School of Uke please email or use our Online Live Chat service.


Tel: 07918188291