Rip It Up! Level 3 Ukulele Challenge - ONLINE

Rip It Up! Level 3 Ukulele Challenge - ONLINE

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Rip It Up! Level 3 Ukulele Challenge - ONLINE

Wednesday Nights 7-9pm

15 Jun - 13 Jul 2022

Location: Online Zoom

Suitable for: Adults 18+

15 Places Available

Get inspired. Meet new people. Continue your musical journey.

Meet new people, make new friendships and continue your musical journey! With a strong focus on playing as part of a group, our Intermediate Online Ukulele Lessons aim to get you playing like a pro. Using a wide range of musical genres, we look further into chord and melody playing, scales and chord theory, improvisation, and playing multi part arrangements together in a band like setup using both Ukulele and Baritone Ukulele.

We welcome all players approaching intermediate knowledge of the Ukulele who wish to experiment with new genres or cover gaps in their knowledge.

Zoom - How does it work?

Our Zoom online ukulele courses are a great way to learn to play the ukulele in a group setting from the comfort of your own home. We use a Zoom video chat room where you will be present in a virtual room with 2 tutors and your fellow students. Expect a fun and enthusiastic group environment with an upbeat and inspiring program of learning and structured practice.

The sessions are fully interactive and tailored to allow your group get to know each other and progress together at a comfortable pace. You'll receive song sheets and tablature by PDF and be guided through a series of fun and interactive tasks and exercises.

Our tutors give detailed, specific instruction and we use multiple cameras to focus on the tutor's fretting and strumming hands so you can see clearly how you should be playing. At any point during the session you're free to raise questions and interact with your tutors and all exercises are followed by a short Q&A where you’ll have the opportunity to feed back to the tutors and to each other. We also encourage all students to join a Whatsapp group to keep the conversation flowing between lessons!

How to ‘rip it up’ on a ukulele

In our Intermediate classes we aim to get you ‘Ripping It Up’ on the ukulele! We’ll go beyond the basics and start exploring the higher reaches of the fretboard! With a hands-on practical approach toward theory and through a variety of standards and musical genres, we’ll look at chord theory, chord construction, inversions, scales and modes, playing in different keys, improvisation and performance tips n tricks!

The course places a strong emphasis on developing a confident playing technique. As well developing your technical ability, with a focus on timing, texture, rhythm and song, we aim to build your musical awareness as part of a group ensemble. We take into consideration the specific aspirations and needs of everyone in the group, and encourage singing and individual style.

Rock, Pop, R&B, Disco, Funk, Folk, Bluegrass and Latin Jazz at Your Fingertips

All techniques and theory are taught through contextual application. Over a 10 week course, as well as looking at classic Rock, Pop and Blues standards we also choose one other musical genre to focus on to broaden your musical repertoire. Focus genres covered in previous courses have included Folk, Bluegrass, Funk and Latin Jazz. Genre and song requests are encouraged and will be incorporated within the program where applicable. 

Group Ensemble & Performance Technique

  • Play multi-part arrangements with Ukulele and Baritone Ukulele
  • Learn about developing arrangement and performance in songs with multiple parts
  • Emphasis on musical awareness, group timing, texture, rhythm and song
  • Develop playing technique and encourage individual style within a group
  • Reinforcing playing effectively and confidently in a live gigging environment

Strumming and Picking

  • Build confident strumming patterns and rhythms using emphasis, accent and syncopation
  • Explore use of barre chords to achieve dampening effects useful for achieving a more percussive and syncopated sound
  • Emphasis on timing and cross group syncopation with alternate strumming parts
  • Introduction to advanced strumming and picking techniques including tremolo picking where song appropriate

Melody and Theory

  • Develop awareness of the whole fretboard
  • Introduction to advanced scales including Minor and Major Pentatonic
  • Introduction to Modes
  • Melody improvisation within a song structure
  • Playing both melody and harmony to a song over the chord structure

Chords and Chord Theory

  • Focus on advanced progressions outside the I/IV/V format related to chosen material
  • Establish relational patterns between barre chords outside the key of C
  • Expanding chord repertoire and using extended chords
  • Explore ways to decorate simple chord progressions using inversions
  • Understanding the circle of 5ths
  • Developing understanding of chord construction in relative Major and Minor keys


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