'Absolute Beginners' 5 Week Ukulele Challenge Part 2 Monday Nights - ONLINE
'Absolute Beginners' 5 Week Ukulele Challenge Part 2 Monday Nights - ONLINE
'Absolute Beginners' 5 Week Ukulele Challenge Part 2 Monday Nights - ONLINE
'Absolute Beginners' 5 Week Ukulele Challenge Part 2 Monday Nights - ONLINE

'Absolute Beginners' 5 Week Ukulele Challenge Part 2 Monday Nights - ONLINE

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'Absolute Beginners' 5 Week Ukulele Challenge - Part 2 Online

    Monday Nights 7-9pm 

    22 Nov - 20 Dec 2021

    Location: Online Zoom Course

    Suitable for: Adults Only 18+

    15 Places Available, 2 Tutors Per Course

    Get inspired. Meet new people. Continue your ukulele journey in just 5 weeks.

      A brand new series of online ukulele courses hosted on Zoom. Our Absolute Beginners Ukulele Lessons will give you the perfect introduction to the Ukulele! Meet new people and get inspired on one of our relaxed, fun and friendly evening courses. 

      With 15 places in each class, they are a perfect size for everyone to get to know each other and enjoy playing together as a group. There are two experienced School of Uke tutors per class who will put you through your paces, while making sure everyone is comfortable and having a great time. 

      Zoom - How does it work?

      Our Zoom online ukulele courses are a great way to learn to play the ukulele in a group setting from the comfort of your own home. We use a Zoom video chat room where you will be present in a virtual room with 2 tutors and your fellow students. Expect a fun and enthusiastic group environment with an upbeat and inspiring program of learning and structured practice.

      The sessions are fully interactive and tailored to allow your group get to know each other and progress together at a comfortable pace. You'll receive song sheets and tablature by PDF and be guided through a series of fun and interactive tasks and exercises.

      Our tutors give detailed, specific instruction and we use multiple cameras to focus on the tutor's fretting and strumming hands so you can see clearly how you should be playing. At any point during the session you're free to raise questions and interact with your tutors and all exercises are followed by a short Q&A where you’ll have the opportunity to feed back to the tutors and to each other. We also encourage all students to join a Whatsapp group to keep the conversation flowing between lessons!

      Absolute Beginners - Part 2

      Now you've completed the 'Absolute Beginners' 5 Week Ukulele Challenge - Get ready for Part 2!! Whether you've already taken part in our previous course, or have recently picked up a few chords on YouTube and want to learn more - We’ll teach you everything you need to know to progress further!

      Through a selection of popular songs curated and arranged by School of Uke we’ll give you all the necessary technique, tips and tricks to enhance your skills on the ukulele.

      Rock, Pop, R&B, and Disco Classics at Your Fingertips

      All techniques will be taught by looking at popular Rock, Pop and R&B Classics. Think ABBA, Blondie, The Cure, Bowie, Stevie Wonder, ACDC, Diana Ross, 80s Anthems and 60s Classics from The Shirelles to the Shangr-Las and many more! Song requests are encouraged and will be explored whenever possible.

      Confident Playing Technique

      The course places a strong emphasis on developing a confident playing technique. As well developing your technical ability, with a focus on timing, texture, rhythm and song, we aim to build your musical awareness as part of a group ensemble. We take into consideration the specific aspirations and needs of everyone in the group, and encourage singing and individual style.

      Group Ensemble & Performance Technique

      • Play one or two part arrangements with Ukulele
      • Learn about performance in songs
      • Emphasis on musical awareness, group timing, texture, rhythm and song


      • Learn a variety of strumming patterns, with accent and basic syncopation

      Melody and Theory

      • Understand and read tablature
      • Introduction to the minor pentatonic (blues) 
      • Playing simple single-note melodies

      Chords and Chord Theory

      • Focus on I/IV/V progression through 12 Bar Blues
      • Learn even more major, minor and seventh chords in root position
      • Expand chord repertoire and discover extended chords

            For all enquiries about ukulele lessons or courses at School of Uke please contact us at info@schoolofuke.co.uk

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