Hopelessly Devoted To Uke

‘Hopelessly Devoted to Uke’ Ukulele Step Up Course

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‘Hopelessly Devoted to Uke’ Ukulele Step Up Course

Join Duke of Uke’s ‘School of Uke’ for our Ukulele Step Up Lessons! UKE IS THE WORD!!

4 Week Ukulele Course
21st August
28th August
4th September
11th September

Hopelessly Devoted To Uke? If you’ve caught the Ukulele bug already and have fallen In Love with your 4 stringed Danny or Sandy, ‘Hopelessly Devoted To Uke’ ukulele lessons are for you!

This course of 5 Ukulele lessons pitches to beginners who have mastered the basics or completed one of our Level 1 Ukulele courses and want a transition into Level 2. Also ideal for Intermediate students who want to keep on jammin’!

Whether you want to impress at that ‘Jam night’ you’ve been to, or want to join a band or write your own songs, our top up course gives you that great first leap on the way to Ukulele mastery!

All techniques will be taught through contextual application, looking at popular and lesser-known rock, pop, folk and blues tunes. Lessons focus on revising and developing playing methods explored in our Level 1 and Level 2 courses, introducing barre chords, and keys outside the key of C major.

Located in the historic East End of London, Duke of Uke is the only dedicated Ukulele Store in the UK. School of Uke is your opportunity to make new friends and learn to play the Ukulele in a fun and relaxed social setting.

Duke of Uke has taught hundreds of wonderful people how to play Ukulele over the last 10 years, and has hosted the capital’s hottest tickets in the world of ukulele, with our Triannual ukulele showcases, workshops, gigs and appearances from Ukulele virtuosos Fred Sokolow and Jake Shimabukuro.

By the end of this 5 week program you’ll be able to strum along to your favourite tunes with confidence!

Strumming and Rhythm – get into the groove!

  • We’ll teach you a variety of strumming techniques and rhythmic timing, showing you how to use emphasis and accent to spice up your playing.
  • We’ll look at the use of barre chords to achieve a more percussive and syncopated sound often found in genres such as funk, ska and reggae.

Chords – finger yoga!

  • Expand your chord repertoire for the Key of C and introduce other keys and their respective chord families.
  • Explore ways to decorate simple chord progressions, using passing chords and inversions.
  • Introduction to chord construction and how to form your own chords from the ground up.

Melody – get down with the devil!

  • We’ll look at simple scales to give you an understanding of how to play the melody to a song over the chords.
  • Blues Scales – we’ll take you to the crossroads where legend has it Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil! Before you know it you’ll be pulling off some proper dirty ol’ blues riffs!

Performance Technique – play like a pro!

  • Through a selection of popular songs curated and arranged by Duke of Uke we’ll look at all the tricks of the trade, to get you playing like a pro!


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